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Lash extensions are a great option for people who prefer long, natural looking lashes without the use of cosmetics.

Extensions come in many different lengths and styles to cater to individual desire and needs. The health of the natural lashes are a top priority when choosing the right extension type, which is where experience and recommendation of the lash expert are highly sought after.

The lashes come in different curl patterns, lengths and thicknesses to create a custom look. Most lashes are synthetic / nylon based and look and feel like natural lashes. We also offer real mink lashes, which are harvested by combing out live mink hairs and sanitizing them.
The natural lashes are separated with special tweezers and extensions are applied to individual lash hair using a low fume glue. The treatment does not present any discomfort.

As our natural hair sheds, and goes through it’s growth stages, the extension that are attached to the natural hairs will fall out too. Fill ins are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain full and groomed look.

The initial lash extension application takes approximately 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours, depending on the the look that is desired to achieve and the thickness of natural lashes.

We also offer lash tint and lash lift for those who are seeking a natural alternative to darker and bolder look.